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Pool Owner-Builder Testimonials

It's easy to see why the owner-builder is fast becoming the trend in construction. Since our inception in 1997, we are extremely proud to have received only positive reviews from homeowners using our services, and we work diligently to keep it that way. Our clients enjoy autonomy during the process and great pride in the finished project.

All potential owner-builders naturally have some distrust when evaluating any company claims. So, what better sales staff could we offer than the many experienced owner-builders who enthusiastically recommend our plans and services to their family, friends and colleagues?

Since 1997

They built their own pool, and so can you!

Those who experience our commitment to their personal satisfaction firsthand are far more qualified to represent our company than anyone we could employ.

T. and C. Wilson - Peoria, AZ
"Thank you Jeanne!
Our pool building experience was very enjoyable. We really appreciate your support during the process. We would not have had the confidence and knowledge of the process to do this on our own. Our contractors were all wonderful. Great work! Thank you again!"


J. and D. Wharton - Lake Mathews, CA
"Jeanne, I am just now contacting you to advise that my pool is complete. Your expertise in all aspect of design and building of the pool was of the greatest help. The many hours of conference calling to you and making yourself available for questions was very valuable to the success of this project.

My wife and I have enjoyed our pool a great deal this summer. Our friends ask what builder designed it for us. I immediately say "Owner Grown Pools" in Arizona. They are amazed that it was done over the phone and Internet. A local pool builder advised the pool should have cost in the $75,000 area. He was shocked when I told him the actual cost was $42,000. Every aspect of the construction went smoothly because I utilized the instructions you provided.

Again, I must say a wonderful job and congrats to you and your company from a very satisfied customer." See Pictures

T. Conde - Carefree, AZ
"I saved a lot of money and got more for my money. Cool experience. I will do it again."

D. Gonzalez - Goodyear, AZ
"Jeanne, we did it. Took plans to city on May 13, filled the pool with water on July 15. We might not have built it the fastest, but we loved every bit of the process. We will definitely give you a testimonial, but give us a couple of weeks to swim, swim, swim! Bye, gotta go swimming...LOL. Thank you again. My kids love me even more now. HAHAHA!"

R. Plumb - Gilbert, AZ
"If you have the time and you have the will, you will save $1,000's. I saved about $25,000."

C. Oliver - Queen Ck, AZ
"Everything was smoother than I anticipated. My pool was finished and filled on March 16th. To my fortune, it was the same day we had 99-degree temps, so I jumped in. The process was very smooth for construction; I started on December 31st with layout. I picked a perfect time to build.

I would have been done sooner but <for personal reasons removed from text>. All the subs were great. Thank you so much for your pool plans. I received the permit in 3 days. Again, I thank God our timing was perfect. I saved money on the pool permit because Owner Grown Pool Plans was already in my permit jurisdiction's file. I would recommend this to anyone. Considering the quality of the pool I have compared to what a pool builder would have charged, I made out really great!"

D. and A. Tizzano - Surprise, AZ
"I would recommend anyone to contract out their own pool with the help of Ownergrown Pool Plans. It was really a lot easier than I thought it would be. I completed the project in 10 weeks, which would have been quicker, but I had a baby during the process! If I would have scheduled the plastering company sooner, the pool would have been done in 5 or 6 weeks."

M. Carden - Dayton, TX
"Thank you for all you help. I will take progress pictures and share them with you."

L. Beals - Goodyear, AZ
"Thank you so much! You were a pleasure to work with. We are so excited to get started and your experience and insightfulness was extremely helpful."

We would be pleased to offer further references upon request.

About Owner Grown Pool Plans

Owner Grown Pool Plans have been providing pool designs and pool plans to the owner-builder of residential swimming pools and for the pool buyer who wants to obtain competitive quotes from swimming pool builders, for 20 years.  Our Phoenix pool designers create complex as well as simple swimming pools, spas and other hardscape plans, such as bar-b-que grills, fire pits, water features, swim-up bars and a variety of other features. 

Since 1997, Owner Grown Pool Plans has been owned and operated by Jeanne Scofield. Always on the top of the latest technology and building trends, Jeanne provides the best-possible pool plans and consultancy services to pool owner-builders throughout Arizona, California, and Texas. She is proud to offer her clients highly personalized guidance through the entire pool building process from conception to completion.

Owner Grown Pool Plans also offers simple and complex pool designs for the homeowner who simply wants to obtain apples-to-apples quotes from a variety of pool builders or pool subcontractors.  Yes, it is typical for a pool company to create a pool design for a potential customer but many times they will not allow the customer to keep it.  So, in essence, the homeowner has spent two hours with a sales person but has no way of obtaining competitive quotes.  Wouldn¬ít it be nice to spend a reasonable fee up front in order to save thousands while shopping for a swimming pool?  Wouldn't you want to have Phoenix pool designers design your pool?  Arizona is practically the capital of swimming pools.  Anyone who flies into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport can see most back yards dotted with swimming pools.

Jeanne Scofield was raised in and around a family full of builders.  Her grandfather, uncles and mother built many custom homes and commercial buildings in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area as well as in Florida.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude (with highest honor) from Arizona State University, finishing with a degree in education. She was on the dean's list at both SMU and ASU. After completing her education, she gained recognition as a superior systems analyst for some of the top corporations in America.

Throughout her business career, Jeanne has displayed a special skill that turns complex processes into something that can be easily understood by everyone. With an intense focus on in-depth analysis, she has never been one to accept the common path. If there is a better way something can be done, Jeanne is ready to make the necessary changes and implement improvements, while continually striving toward the highest ethical standards.

Call now, and arrange for a meeting with Jeanne: 480.649.9119. Find out how she can guide you through YOUR best possible pool-building experience.

Owner Grown Pool Plans provides designs, pool plans, subcontractors, guidance and more!
With our help, you will obtain competitive bids by faxing your plans to various subcontractors.
You make some calls, accept bids and confirm your schedule. We'll help with every step!
Congratulations! You built your own pool, and saved a ton of cash!
OWNER GROWN POOL PLANS - Build your own dream pool!

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About Owner Grown Pool Plans

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