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Swimming Pool Financing

Financing a swimming pool can be a bit different from financing a house, car or any other major purchase. Happily, whatever the cost, paying for your swimming pool can be easily broken down into manageable pool building phases!

  • 1. Pay as you go: build your swimming pool in stages
  • 2. Cash on hand for you entire swimming pool project
  • 3. Long-term loan such as a home equity loan
  • 4. A combination of the above

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Pay As You Go: Build your swimming pool in stages

The "pay-as-you-go" pool building method is best for the pool owner-builder who prefers to limit long-term financing, yet do not have access to the full amount of cash needed.

This method involves building your swimming pool in stages, as your cash becomes available. Often, for example, people are able to predict their future commissions or bonuses. Working within your individual needs and available resources, Owner Grown Pool Plans is here to help you establish a "pay-as-you-go" plan that supports your swimming pool building success.

Initially, you would only need enough cash to get through the pool design process, building permits, and the first few swimming pool building phases through shotcrete. Once the gunite or shotcrete swimming pool shell is completed you can slow the pool building process down.

Why do you need to take it through to the shotcrete pool shell? Up to that point, a good hard rain could demolish the hole your excavator dug, resulting in a costly redo.

The "pay-as-you-go" pool building method allows you to pay your individual swimming pool sub-contractors for each part of the pool building process, rather than for the whole thing at once. In this way, your pool building project could be spread out over a year, or possibly longer if that would be more convenient for you. By beginning to build your own pool this summer, for example, you could be planning to swim by next summer. While most cities require you to formally extend your swimming pool building project if it takes longer than 6 months to complete, Owner Grown Pool Plans will guide you through the steps as necessary.

The swimming pool owner-builder's "pay-as-you-go" plan varies according to their individual circumstances, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the options available to you. Please let Owner Grown Pool Plans know if your intention is to pay as you go and we will assist in developing your swimming pool project accordingly. Owner Grown Pool Plans will include some ideas to make your initial funds go furthest, so you may complete the shotcrete stage in the shortest time possible. We will also alert you to any limitations involved when extending your project beyond the initial permit allowance. Call Owner Grown Pool Plans now for more information!

Cash On Hand for your Entire Swimming Pool Project

An obvious and easy solution when building your own pool is using cash on hand or drawn from your savings program. This is by far the most economical and timely method.

Long-Term Loan such as a Home Equity Loan

The majority of swimming pool owner-builders complete their swimming pool project by merely taking the equity in their home and converting it to cash. It's easy, inexpensive, and very tax wise! Most studies show that a swimming pool will increase the value of your home anywhere between 7% and 15%, depending on where your house is located. Your swimming pool will also continue to increase in value throughout the years, just like your home.

While long-term loans are the most common method used for financing, with the current conditions of our housing market, many swimming pool owner-builders have limited equity from which to draw. This simply makes it more challenging but certainly still doable.


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