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Buying Pool Equipment

Owner Grown Pool Plans understand your concerns about saving money wherever possible. We work diligently to make a difference, not only in the beauty of your backyard, but also in lowering your utility bills.

We are knowledgeable about a variety of energy-efficient equipment options that can be customized to your specific needs to provide maximum money savings and energy efficiency.

Depending upon utility rates, characteristics and the equipment selected, energy efficient products often produce significant savings. These savings could possibly recoup the premium cost of an upgrade to an energy efficient product during the first year of operation.

Since 1997

Save 40% to 80% on Your Equipment

Pool companies substantially inflate the prices of equipment and typically offer a limited range of recommendations, usually based upon an established relationship with a particular equipment manufacturer.

In contrast, we have no affiliation with any equipment company and therefore base our recommendations solely on experience and past customer satisfaction. We will show you how to purchase your equipment at near wholesale prices from your plumbing and electric subcontractors or by sourcing it yourself.

Buying at wholesale prices, you could easily save 40% to 80% (sometimes more) on your equipment.

Basic Equipment Needed:

The basics behind keeping your pool appealing and healthy involves a variety of equipment. Water is drawn in by the pump, strained, filtered, and chemically treated in its journey through the key equipment that conditions the water to clean, sparkling clarity.

  1. Water is drawn from the suction created by the pump. The pump generates pressure and returns the water to the pool, passing through..
  2. a filter,
  3. a heater, and
  4. a chlorinator.
Owner Grown Pool Plans provides designs, pool plans, subcontractors, guidance and more!
With our help, you will obtain competitive bids by faxing your plans to various subcontractors.
You make some calls, accept bids and confirm your schedule. We'll help with every step!
Congratulations! You built your own pool, and saved a ton of cash!

OWNER GROWN POOL PLANS - Build your own dream pool!

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