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You Can Build Your Own Pool!

Really Build Your Own Pool?

Yes, YOU can!

Building your own swimming pool is not rocket science. If you've ever made dinner reservations or scheduled a vacation, you can build your own swimming pool with the help of Owner Grown Pool Plans. We will create a custom swimming pool design and pool plans for your success.

We will provide the experience and expertise, custom-designed CAD plans and systematic instructions so you don't have to spend your time guessing what everyone needs. We will guide you through obtaining permits and contacting vetted pool subcontractors. You will know what to do next because we will make sure you do!

Many people are surprised to see that this is a lot LESS frustrating and MORE time efficient to build your own pool than to hire a pool company. Your pool will be built according to your wishes and local building codes — your city or county will provide in-process inspections.

Since 1997


Building your own pools an immensely satisfying undertaking; you'll be glad you chose this money-saving route!

Why Choose "Owner Grown Custom Pool Plans"

Most pool companies do not do the actual building. Rather, they hire swimming pool subcontractors and then tack on additional fees for managing your project.

Owner Grown Custom Pool Plans is a consultancy company, not a contractor. Since we are not selling supplies or subcontracting anyone, we don't charge management fees or markup the cost of materials and equipment. There are no hidden costs, no surprises.

Instead, the fees for your swimming pool design and pool plans are completely known to you from the beginning. We design your dream pool (with you) and the subcontractors (that you hire and pay directly) build it.

As the "Owner-Builder" you are considered the General Contractor. This means you avoid all middleman markups. You get to keep the money you would have paid to a contracting company.

Save 20% to 30% on Your Swimming Pool

While you certainly could keep the difference, the substantial savings could also be applied to upgraded features, such as a rock waterfall or fiber optic lighting, or even a larger pool — like getting those luxuries for free!

Owner Grown Custom Pool Plans provides designs, pool plans, subcontractors, guidance and more!
With our help, you will obtain competitive bids by faxing your swimming pool plans to various subcontractors.
You make some calls, accept bids and confirm your schedule. We'll help with every step!
Congratulations! You built your own pool, and saved a ton of cash!

Build Your Own Pool - Your Big Advantage

The real advantage you have when you build your swimming pool with a custom swimming pool design is that you have control over the pool building process. Because you are in charge of scheduling each phase of your pool building project, it may be finished in as little as 30 to 45 days from the first day of your pool excavation. We've seen examples of this regardless of the time of year. One of our owner-builder clients completed his project in a mere 17 days, while another was swimming only 23 days after excavation. Both pools were completed during the month of May, even though that is normally considered the busiest pool-building time of the year.

"Pool season" (the busiest time of the year for pool-building) includes the months just before summer. Unfortunately, during this time of year, most swimming pool companies focus their primary energy towards the large construction accounts that send them hundreds of pools annually. Often, the individual swimming pool customer is given low priority, which may translate to a pool that takes seemingly forever to build.

When you build your own swimming pool, you schedule each individual pool subcontractor to report to you according to your own timeline. While we do not promise that the construction of your swimming pool will go as quickly as 17 or 23 days, you are much more likely to have it done in a timely manner and according to a set schedule if you allow Owner Grown Pool Plans create your custom swimming pool design and pool plans.

Another reason to build your own pool is the flexibility it offers. If you want to make changes to your swimming pool design, such as adding more decking or a few more scuppers, there is no red tape involved. Just communicate what you require directly to your pool subcontractors - it's that easy.

 We've outlined how quick you can build your own swimming pool if you are in charge of the process and provide a custom swimming pool design to the subcontractors.  Now let's address quality and safety.

Choosing Your Pool Subcontractors Can Be The Safest Route

Many experts in the Arizona swimming pool industry feel you get a BETTER pool when it is owner-built. By law, when Arizona licensed pool subcontractors build your swimming pool, they must provide warranties as required by individual State law on their individual part of the job. Because of this, they are more likely to pay attention to specific details, rather than assume the swimming pool company would be held responsible when it holds the 'qualifying' license.*

Occasionally, a swimming pool company goes out of business in the middle of building a pool (more often in our current economy). When this happens, the pool client may suffer a loss and have to sort through how much was paid for the various phases of the pool project. The largest swimming pool companies are usually fairly stable, but even some of those have gone out of business in the last few years. Unfortunately, you cannot tell which ones are in trouble until you are already involved.

If, when you build your own swimming pool through Owner Grown Custom Pool Plans, a licensed pool subcontractor goes out of business, chances are that either the work hasn't begun on your pool or it was already completed - most phases take a day or two. Once your licensed pool subcontractors have completed their job, in many cases, you are protected by your State Regulatory Board and may receive compensation through a fund especially set aside for this reason. If the work has not yet begun, you simply need to choose another subcontractor. You are protected in this way because you pay only for fully completed work.*

Hiring Pool Subcontractors

Just as attorneys and doctors specialize, so do subcontractors. A house plumber is not the same as a swimming pool plumber. A trench excavator is not the same as a swimming pool excavator. In most cases Owner Grown Pool Plans will help you to know the pool subcontractors you are hiring. We will guide you through the process of checking licensing and references. If you decide to find your own subcontractors rather than follow our recommendations, make sure that your subcontractors are fully qualified to build your own swimming pool, and are licensed, bonded and insured. Arizona pool customers can check pool subcontractors out at http://www.azroc.gov/ while California pool customers should go to http://www.cslb.ca.gov/.

Let's Get Started Build - Your Own Swimming Pool!

It's easy to see why taking on the task to build your own swimming pool is fast becoming the trend in pool construction. Since Owner Grown Pool Plan's inception in 1997, we have only received positive reviews from homeowners who have used our services, and have helped many to avoid the typical pitfalls first-time pool owner-builders may encounter.

Please visit our Testimonial Page to read recommendations from previous pool clients. We would be pleased to offer further references upon request. Our clients enjoy autonomy during the process and great pride in their completed swimming pool or spa.

*Not all states have this kind of protection.  Be sure to check with your state agency to insure that you do indeed have a state-backed warranties available to you.

OWNER GROWN POOL PLANS - Build your own dream pool!

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