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Pool Plans Package
·   Step-by-step instructions of the pool building process
·   Over a decade of swimming pool design experience
·   Vetted licensed swimming pool subcontractors list
·   Custom pool design to suit your dreams and property
·   Computer-Aided Designed (CAD) swimming pool plans
·   Swimming pool layout points
·   Plot plan and detail specifications
·   Swimming pool plumbing schematic
·   Swimming pool permit documentation
·   Standard pool engineering swimming pool plans*
·   State required warranties (typically 2 years)**
·   Scheduling guide, fax cover sheets
·   Swimming pool equipment recommendations
·   Tips for saving money and MORE!
Since 1997

Expert Advice and Guidance

Owner Grown Pool Plans has walked many swimming pool owner-builders, just like you, through the various steps involved in the swimming pool building process. You will always know what to do, and when, for each phase of your swimming pool project because Owner Grown Pool Plans will make sure you do.

Quite naturally, the first step in your swimming pool building experience is the most exciting. We'll provide you with the swimming pool design of your dreams. You will be AMAZED at the latest array of available options now available as well as the energy efficient swimming pool equipment.

After Owner Grown Pool Plans has developed exactly the swimming pool design you want that is also best suited for your property, Owner Grown Pool Plans will produce technically specific, Computer-Aided Designed (CAD) swimming pool plans, that include the necessary swimming pool schematics for pool plumbing and structural pool engineering. You'll be faxing these swimming pool plans as well as the swimming pool engineering to each of your potential swimming pool subcontractors, using a list of prequalified and vetted companies that Owner Grown Pool Plans provide.

If you require custom swimming pool engineering as opposed to standard swimming pool engineering, please remember to bring that fact to the attention of your swimming pool subcontractors so they can accurately quote your swimming pool.


The Magic Begins

Following Owner Grown Custom Pool Plans' detailed guidance, you'll easily decide which swimming pool subcontractor you want to use for each phase of your project. You'll find that we don't encourage you to base your choice of swimming pool subcontractor or swimming pool equipment entirely on price. Instead, you'll ask the right questions for the best possible outcome.

You'll find out if you communicate better with one subcontractor over another or if one offers a better timeline. After you have made your swimming pool subcontractor choices, you will proceed with the necessary arrangements to have your project completed in the most professional manner. Then, stand back and watch as the transformation begins. . .With Owner Grown Custom Pool Plans, the process is almost magical!

Owner Grown Pool Plans provides designs, pool plans, swimming pool subcontractors, guidance and more!
With our help, you will obtain competitive bids by emailing or faxing your swimming pool plans to various pool subcontractors.
You make some calls, accept bids and confirm your schedule. We'll help with every step!
Congratulations! You built your own pool, and saved a ton of cash!

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*Standard package quote does not include:

  • Special pool engineering in unusual settings.
  • Areas in counties with additional requirements.

**Technical details and warranties provided by individual subcontractors
    as required by individual State law.


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